Welcome to 3DOptix - OPTOMECHANICS 2.0

Welcome to 3DOptix - OPTOMECHANICS 2.0

January 22, 2018

We are excited to unveil 3DOptix, a revolutionary product & concept that will change the way researchers and Electro-Optical companies conduct Optical experiments

3DOptix introduces a revolutionary Virtual Optical Cage System for any optical research application and rapid optical prototyping.

For the first time, optical developers and researchers will be able to easily center any off the shelf, optical element, exactly above the fixation locations in any precise three-dimensional structure at an affordable price. 3DOptix’s precise and discrete mounting locations will reduce your alignment work, decreasing the overall setup time.

VCage System3DOptix BreadBox creates a virtual 3D Cage system above your entire optical table. You get the same accuracy as with any traditional cage system but without any rods, with higher agility, ability to build any three-dimensional structure and with discrete mounting locations for standard optical elements.

Rapid Optical Prototyping - With 3DOptix BreadBox platform there is no need to build a custom structure for each prototype. 3DOptix building blocks can be used to design and build any precise three-dimensional structure or optical bench, accelerating the optical prototyping process while maintaining

a low-cost budget. The highly rigid structural components create a mounting platform with discrete mounting locations specifically for your design and application.
With 3Doptix components and an off-the-shelf CAD software, it is easy to model your entire setup.

Ultrafast Lasers - 3DOptix is built to meet extreme spatio-temporal design requirements for ultrafast lasers. Interferometer setups are easy to design and build.