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The 3DOptix optomechanics Irises are an essential optomechanical component in the BreadBox™ platform as they provide an accurate way to align optical elements along the alignment process of the 3DOptix BreadBox™ platform. The Irises also provide a versatile platform for accurate alignment of other optical elements, such as lenses, mirrors, and filters as well as synchronization between various commercial optomechanical elements.

3DOptix offers various Iris mounts designed to be extremely accurate with respect to the optical axis as well as compatible with all commercial optical elements.

All 3DOptix optomechanics Iris mounts have both a set of accurate screw holes as well as dowel pin holes that are complementary to the 3DOptix BreadBox™ platform. The pins and the screws allow accurate horizontal and vertical alignment while creating a flexible and modular platform.