40305 - Square Kinematic Mirror Mount Ø2"/50mm

The 3DOptix Square Kinematic Mirror Mount Ø2"/50mm is an essential mount in the 3DOptix optomechanics family as it allows to precisely steer the deflection of an optical beam.  All of the mounts center the mirrors precisely above the fixation location of the breadboard or optical table, providing maximal precision for optical alignment.  

The 3DOptix Square Kinematic Mirror Mount accommodates all standard Ø2"/50mm mirrors and the center of the mounted mirror is precisely located at a height of 2.25"/56.25mm.

All 3DOptix optomechanical mounts have screw and dowel pin holes which are compatible with the BreadBox™ platform.  The pins and screws allow accurate horizontal and vertical alignment while creating a flexible and modular mounting platform.

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Descriptions & Dimensions 

Square Kinematic Mirror Mount for Ø2"/50mm mirror.
Package of 6  Square Kinematic Mirror Mounts for Ø2"/50mm mirrors.  Save 5%   
Square Kinematic Mirror Mount for Ø2"/50mm mirror.
Package of 6  Square Kinematic Mirror Mount for Ø2"/50mm mirrors.  Save 5%


Shipment time - 8 week

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