Breadbox™ & Extendable Breadboards - The frames. These can be used to design and build any precise three-dimensional structure or optical bench. The Breadbox™ frames are assembled as Lego building blocks and can hold any off-the-shelf or 3DOptix's precise optomechanical mounts. 

Optomechanical Mounts - 3DOptix mounts can hold off-the-shelf optical elements. They are extremely accurate, have minimum degrees of freedom, are mounted precisely using dowel pins and screws, and the optical elements are always centered exactly above the fixation locations.

Bundle Reference Design - With 3DOptix frames and mounts, it is easy to build various machines with different functionalities using almost the same components. With our Bundle Reference Design offer, you get the parts needed in order to assemble any one of several optical applications at the price of one.

Lab Supplies - Screws and dowel pins.