Delay Line Extender 4 paths (90614)

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The Delay-line extender reference design is part of the 3DOptix reference design solutions.

The apparatus increases the effective length of the conventional delay line, via a three-dimensional propagation path allowed by the 3Doptix platform. Extending the delay-line offers an extended way to measure and resolve ultrafast processes with great precision without the need for use of long and expensive delay lines. 3DOptix Delay-line extender apparatus reference design allows the user to build multiple pulses configurations in record time with minimal alignment necessary. It can be valuable for pump-probe measurements, interferometry, characterization, and nonlinear optical interactions.

3DOptix reference designs are based on the Breadbox™ platform and its modular and versatile optomechanical mounts and adaptors. 3DOptix devices are modular robust and can be easily reconfigured. Once the reference designs are assembled they can be moved around as a unit while maintaining the accuracy of the device.

We offer a design to a different number of extension arms, varying from 2-paths to 6-paths extensions.


Key benefits

  • Long delays
  • Accuracy
  • Scalable
  • Inline
  • Easy alignment