Inline Folded Tunable Telescope Configuration \ Beam Expander - 1’’/25mm-1’’/25mm Parabolic Mirrors Based (90861)

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Optical telescope configurations provide the ability to change the apparent angular size of objects. The telescope is based on off-axis parabolic mirrors (1’’/25mm or 2’’/50mm) with various magnifications. This design is tunable and allows the use of large focal-length curved mirrors with a small telescope footprint. The telescope module is targeting broadband beam Filtering. It has an additional mount (20551 or 20680) for a pinhole. The beam is focused onto a pinhole that is positioned along the optical grid and filters the higher-order spatial modes of the beam.


  • Broadband Collimation
  • Broadband beam expanding
  • Broadband Beam filtering
  • Broadband Microscopy