20600 - Translator Box Frame – Floor/ceiling 9 (3X3) mount locations


The Translator Box Frame (F) is part of the 3DOptix BreadBox™ optomechanics family.  It provides an accurate way to mount and align optical elements in both the horizontal and vertical directions.  The Translator Box Frame frames (F) attach to Wall frames (W) to create 3D Breadbox platforms of any size.

The Translator Box Frame has many mounting options and can connect to multiple off-the-shelf translators 

Premium frames provide maximal accuracy, having screw and dowel pin holes at each mounting location.

The 3DOptix BreadBox™ platform is designed to carry conventional optical element sizes (i.e.  0.5’’/1.5’’/2’’ inches or 12.5mm/37.5mm/50mm) and is compatible with any other commercial optical or optomechanical component.

 Imperial Drawings

 Metric Drawings

Part Number

Descriptions & Dimensions 

Floor/Ceiling frame for 9 (3x3) 1"/25mm optical elements.  4.5" x 4.5" x 3/8"
20600-6 Imperial
Package of 6 Floor/Ceiling frames for 9 (3x3) 1"/25mm optical elements.  Save 5%
20600-12 Imperial
Package of 12 Floor/Ceiling frames for 9 (3x3) 1"/25mm optical elements.  Buy 11, get 1 free.  Save 8.3%
20600-M Metric
Floor/Ceiling frame for 9 (3x3) 1"/25mm optical elements.  112.5mm x 112.5mm x 9.37mm
20600-M-6 Metric
Package of 6 Floor/Ceiling frames for 9 (3x3) 1"/25mm optical elements.  Save 5%
20600-M-12 Metric
Package of 12 Floor/Ceiling frames for 9 (3x3) 1"/25mm optical elements.  Buy 11, get 1 free.  Save 8.3%


Shipment time - 4 days