Version 1.0, Genesis, is now available.

Optical Design & Simulation Software

3DOptix online optical design & ray optics simulation software enables efficient, user-friendly, quick and accurate optical designs. The unique 3DOptix’s ray-tracing engine runs in the cloud and is accessible via a browser. The tool is very intuitive and enables the user to quickly plan and test any optical setup with off-the-shelf optomechanics, common light sources and a huge variety of optical elements from the different catalogs or customized optics by the end-user.

Innovative, state of the art, GPU ray-tracing engine

Entangled Hardware-Software ray tracing engine to accelerate photonics computations.

The 3DOptix engine calculates billions of rays/sec in parallel, ensuring the simulated lighting is physically accurate, generating a true-to-life scene with realistic results.

Accessible, Intuitive & Easy to use software

The 3DOptix software is a cloud-based software and is accessible via a browser. There is no requirement for hardware, as the optical calculations are done in the cloud. The innovative user experience (UX) makes it extremely easy to create and modify any simple optical apparatus or a complex optical system. The contemporary user interface (UI) with our intuitive analysis portal makes it easy to verify the optical accuracy of any design.

Enhance productivity

Quickly plan and test any optical design with a huge variety of optical elements from different vendors’ catalogs, off-the-shelf optomechanical assemblies, common light sources, or customized optics and any CAD design.

The seamless integration of 3DOptix with CAD provides the most straightforward workflow in the industry to test any virtual optical prototype, saving time and shortening the design cycle.

3DOptix is an Interactive optomechanical, non-sequential cloud-based ray tracing software to optical layout benches, optical systems, optical feasibility validation, and optical analysis.

Available on January 30th, 2023