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Optical Filter Finder

Optical Filter Finder

Optical filters search is a tedious process that involves a manual comparison between various vendors’ websites and catalogs.

Conventional search engines (e.g. Google and Bing) provide limited information regarding the characteristics and parameters of the optical filters but have no data on their spectral response. 

Some filter vendors provide the optical filters spectral response but yet searching for the most appropriate spectral response curve is still performed by visualization rather than an accurate metric.

3DOptix has recently launched a unique & innovative discovery platform for optical filters, The Filter Finder tool. The new tool provides the best matching for any required spectral response so users can easily find the right optical filter that accurately fits their needs. 

3DOptix database includes thousands of filters’ coatings spectral curves from many vendors. The tool includes different types of filter searches: BandPass Filters, LongPass Filters, ShortPass Filters, Notch Filters and Customized Filters. In each figure below, we see the best 6 matches (each one with the relevant correlation fit value) of the requested spectral response.

Bandpass Filter

Longpass Filter

Shortpass Filer

Notch Filter

Customized Filter

Filter finder is part of the 3DOptix design & simulation software

Available on January 30th, 2023