Over the past two decades, extensive innovation has taken place in the Optics and Electro-Optics industries, with the revolutionary development of novel light sources as well as the miniaturization of optical elements to micro and nano dimensions. Such progress enables various industries and researchers to utilize and investigate new fundamental phenomena while developing new industrial capabilities and applications. Yet, working with these new technologies requires higher precision and complexity within the setup of the experiments as well as within the new optical products themselves.


3DOptix is a spin-off company from the Femto-Nano laboratory at Tel Aviv University. The core innovation is protected by a University patent.

3DOptix  revolutionizes the optomechanical industry with its innovative mounting platform - the BreadBox™. The new platform extends the entire optical table into the vertical dimension creating a truly three-dimensional precise grid with discrete locations for the optical elements.

The new BreadBox™ mounting platform together with the 3DOptix compatible optical mounts creates a Virtual Cage System above your entire optical table with the same accuracy as any traditional Cage System, yet with much higher agility and flexibility. As you could see during the visit our platform allows a fast and accurate assembly of multiple and synchronized setups across the optical table. Each of the 3DOptix optomechanical parts is designed and manufactured under high tolerance constraints in order to achieve high precision capabilities. All the optomechanical elements or adaptors are being mounted to the BreadBox™ platform with dowel pins and dedicated screws to achieve maximal accuracy with the optical elements locations. For the first time, 3DOptix reference designs for many common optical apparatuses with their “IKEA”-like assembly instructions allow the researchers to Focus on experiments and not on alignments.

3DOptix platform is also targeting the Rapid Prototyping market in Electro-Optical companies. With 3DOptix lego blocks, one can build an optical bench to hold the optical elements as well as any precise three-dimensional structure/s and to accelerate the development process.