Lesson 1 - 3DOptix General Overview 

This short, 3.5 minutes, clip covers the main screen and the basic functionality of the software. 

After watching this clip you would know where to find the optics, the mounts, and how to apply simple basic functions.

Lesson 2 - Basic 2 dimensional setups


This 5 minutes clip, covers the basic activities associated with a 2-dimensional Optical setup.

After watching this clip you would be able to design a CAD setup with off-the-shelf optomechanics & Optics. You would also be able to run an Optical Simulation and analyze the result. 


Lesson 3 - Generic Mounts, Cage mounts and Optics

This 3.5 minutes clip, describe the working flow with different mounts and Optics.

Lesson 4 - How to to build a 3-dimensional optical design.


Lesson 5 - Optomechanical Mounts and Adapters 


Schematic Drawing tool


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