20715 - Adaptors pair for 0.8"/20.3mm translators


The 3DOptix Adaptor for 0.8"/20.3mm translators is an essential part of the 3DOptix optomechanics family. All of the optical elements are centered precisely above the fixation location of the breadboard or optical table, providing maximal precision for optical alignment. 

A pair of 20715 Adaptors plus a 0.8"/20.3mm translator would create a connected floor at 1.5"/37.5 above the base floor 

All 3DOptix optomechanical mounts have screw and dowel pin holes that are compatible with the BreadBox™ platform.  The pins and screws allow accurate horizontal and vertical alignment while creating a flexible and modular mounting platform.

An example of such a translator is Thorlabs PT1 Translation stage 

 Imperial Drawings

 Metric Drawings

Part Number

Descriptions & Dimensions 

Imperial Adaptors pair for 0.8"
/20.3mm translators
20715-M Metric
Adaptors pair for 0.8"
/20.3mm translators


Shipment time - 6 week