91312 Intensity cross-correlator - 2''/50mm lens based



The 3DOptix’s intensity cross-correlator is assembled from three modules: Dichroic splitter module, delay line module, and nonlinear SFG/DFG module. The incoming signals are color-separated in a 99221 or 99021 Dichroic splitter, then the two beams are delayed in our 99121 delay line module, which also separates the colors into two parallel beams with 1.5''/37.5 mm interval. These beams are inserted into a 90722 nonlinear SFG/DFG module, which generates their sum frequency output exactly on the 3Doptix grid, allowing an easy and accurate alignment. Due to the fact that all elements are exactly on the 3D grid, the three modules can easily be assembled together or can be separate on the optical table.

Key benefits

  • Accuracy
  • On the Grid
  • Easy alignment


  • High power Frequency conversion
  • Ultrafast Physics
  • Multiphoton Microscopy
  • Characterization tools

Optomechanical Network components

Catalog Numbers

Optical elements

Number of units

99221 / 99221-M

Dichroic Splitter


99121 / 99121-M

Delay Line module 3''/75mm Input, 1.5''/37.5mm Output


90722 / 90722-M

Non-collinear SFG/DFG Module - 2''/50mm Lens based



The product pricing reflects the following types: 99221C+99121A+90722A