9051[X] - Organizer free-space - Get2Grid 3 outputs


Every optical lab has at least one light source. Usually, these light sources have several output options with different characteristics. For example, optical parametric oscillators (OPOs) and amplifiers (OPAs) usually have three outputs: a pump, a signal and idler frequencies.

3DOptix Organizer free-space Get2Grid is part of the Beam / Pulse Organizer which includes three optical functions:

  1.  Get2Grid
  2. Combine
  3. Sync

The organizer Get2Grid reference design arranges up to three outputs from any light source into the three-dimensional grid of the 3DOptix optomechanical elements.  As each of the laser’s outputs has its own length characteristics - some in millimeters and others in inches, some oriented horizontally and some vertically and still others in a box orientation - such an organizer is necessary in order to arrange all of these beams and pulses onto the same synchronized grid.


These three reference designs make it possible to recombine any three laser outputs into spatially synchronized and temporally overlapped beams and pulses.

Item Number
The organizer Get2Grid Ø1"/25mm - Parts Description
Price per unit
20020 / 20020-M Premium Box Frame - Floor/ceiling 9 (3X3) mount locations $95 3 $285
20010 / 20010-M Premium Box Frame - Wall Frame 9 (3X3) mount locations $95 4 $380
20703 / 20703-M Base-rail (1X3) $95 6 $570
20200 / 20200-M Triangular Kinematic Mount - Ø1"/25mm $125 6 $750
Total $1,985


Included Hardware and Screws
Imperial: 4-40 Cap Screw, 1/4" Long
Metric: M2.5-0.45mm Cap Screw 6mm Long
2.5mm 18-8 Stainless Steel Dowel Pins 24


* Shipment time - 4 weeks 

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