9012[X] - Michelson Interferometer


The Michelson Interferometer reference design is part of the 3DOptix Interferometer design series. Interferometers use the property of interference between two optical beams to accurately measure various optical properties. 3DOptix provides an easy and precise manner in which to build such devices.

The Michelson interferometer uses a beam-splitter, which is a partially transmissive mirror that divides an optical beam into two separate arms. The beam splitter is used to split and to recombine the optical beam. The difference between the path lengths of the two arms affect the interference pattern and can be adjusted by accurately moving one of the mirrors.

Our reference designs include the 3DOptix building-blocks, which are based on the BreadBox™ platform and its modular and versatile optomechanical mounts and adaptors. The 3DOptix devices are modular and very robust. Once the reference designs are assembled they can be moved around as a unit while maintaining the accuracy of the device.

The following design is for optical elements of Ø1"/25mm. With the following easy-to-use instruction manual and its associated instructional video, you can focus on the experiments and not on the alignments. 

Part Number
Michelson Interferometer Ø1"/25mm
Price per unit
Basic Closed Box
Qty Price Qty Price
20010/20010-M Premium Box Frame – Wall Frame 9 (3X3) mount locations $95 4 $380
20020/20020-M Premium Box Frame – Floor/ceiling 9 (3X3) mount locations $95 2 $190 4 $380
20022/20022-M Premium Box Frame - Floor/ceiling 3 (1X3) mount locations $72 2 $144 2 $144
20100/20100-M Fixed Mount - Triangular Ø1"/25mm Mirror/DM Mount $59 3 $177 3 $177
20200/20200-M Triangular Kinematic Mirror Mount Ø1"/25mm $125 4 $500 6 $750
20502/20502-M Iris Mount Ultimate $94 1 $94 1 $94
20550/20550-M 1X1 Square Mount for Ø1"/25mm Optical Elements $64 2 $128 3 $192
Total $1,233 Total $1,737


* Shipment time - 4 weeks

Included Hardware and Screws
Imperial: 4-40 Cap Screw, 1/4" Long
Metric: M2.5-0.45mm Cap Screw 6mm Long
2.5mm 18-8 Stainless Steel Dowel Pins 14


The 3DOptix optomechanical elements are compatible with optical elements from any major company.

Recommended third party optical/optomechanical elements Qty
Metallic/Dielectric mirrors 8
Ø1"/25mm Beamsplitter 45° AOI 1
Threaded Iris Diaphragm, SM1 (1.035" - 40) 1
1" Lens Tube, SM1 (1.035" - 40) 1
Retaining Ring, SM1 (1.035" - 40) 1
Fluorescing Alignment Disks 1
1/4"-20 Stainless Steel Cap Screw, 3/8" Long


The recommended elements may vary depending on the specific spectral needs of the setup. 

Michelson Interferometer Assembly Instructions 


Michelson Interferometer 


Michelson Alignment procedure


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