90211 - Broadband Polarization Rotation


Rotation of polarization is an essential task in the manipulation of light beams. The ability to accurately rotate between s-waves and p-waves is important for many optical apparatus. This becomes much more difficult to do with broad bandwidth light sources. 3DOptix suggests several mirror-based polarization rotation reference designs that allow accurate broadband polarization rotation of light. The reference designs include the 3DOptix building-blocks, which are based on the BreadBox™ platform with its modular and versatile optomechanical mounts and adaptors.

The following design is for optical elements of Ø1"/25mm. Other reference designs support Ø0.5”/12.5mm and their combinations.

With the following easy-to-use instruction manual and its associated instructional video, your apparatus will be ready to use in a snap, allowing you to focus on experimentation and not on alignment.


Item Number
Polarization Rotation Ø1"/25mm - Parts Description
20010 / 20010-M Premium Box Frame - Wall Frame 9 (3X3) mount locations $95 2 $190
20020 / 20020-M Premium Box Frame - Floor/ceiling 9 (3X3) mount locations $95 2 $190
20100 / 20100-M Basic Mount - Triangular Ø1"/25mm Mirror Mount $59 5 $295
20200 / 20200-M Triangular Kinematic Mirror Mount - Ø1"/25mm $125 2 $250
Total $925


* Shipment time - 4 weeks 

Included Hardware and Screws
Imperial: 4-40 Cap Screw, 1/4" Long
Metric: M2.5-0.45mm Cap Screw 6mm Long
2.5mm 18-8 Stainless Steel Dowel Pins 11


The 3DOptix optomechanical elements are compatible with optical elements from any major company.

The recommended elements may vary depending on the specific spectral needs of the setup.

Recommended third party optical/optomechanical elements Qty
Metallic/Dielectric mirrors 7
Ø1/2"/12.5mm Post Holder, 1.5"/37.5mm Long 4
Ø1/2"/12.5mm Post, 1"/25mm Long 4
1/4"-20 Stainless Steel Cap Screw, 3/8" Long


 Broadband Polarization Rotation Assembly Instructions


Broadband Polarization Rotation

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