Single Color Pump-Probe (91411)

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The 3DOptix’s single color pump-probe is assembled from four modules: two beam splitter modules, delay line module, beam combiner, and collinear nonlinear module. The incoming signals are pulse separated in a 99221 or 99021 beam splitter module, then the two beams are delayed in our 99121 delay line module. These beams are inserted into a beam combiner followed by a collinear nonlinear module, which is located exactly on the 3Doptix grid, allowing an easy and accurate alignment. Due to the fact that all elements are exactly on the 3D grid, the three modules can easily be assembled together or can be separated on the optical table.

Key Benefits

  • Accuracy
  • On the Grid
  • In-line
  • Easy alignment


  • Ultrafast Physics
  • Molecular dynamics
  • Multiphoton Microscopy
  • Characterization tools
  • Frequency conversion